jsw churchhousebw   I Went To an Old Campmeetin' With The Devil But I Left There Wth The Lord

     Yes, that is quite a long title for a Southern Gospel Song.  And sometimes we have a tendency to overlook titles and phrases without really appreciating what it means to us and for us.

 Are you old enough to remember the days when the church was the anchor of any community?  Everything and anything worth doing or celebrating was always at the local church.  We didn’t have near the amount of entertainment options available back then as we do today so most folks found their extra activities and socializing “down at the church.”
     Often times, church goers would invite their friends and neighbors to many, if not all, of those church activities.  Sometimes folks would just show up out of curiosity when those large crowds would start gathering in.  They didn’t necessarily come to church to hear the preaching, praying and singing.  But once the service began and the Spirit began to move, the gospel message would penetrate hearts and lost souls would find their way to Jesus and eternal salvation.  Lives were changed,  families restored and communities strengthened.
      ” I Went To An Old Campmeetin’ With The Devil”,  has captured the essence of getting people to church and then seeing the Holy Spirit do the inner work in a person’s heart and soul. They accept Christ as their Savior and leave the church house a whole lot different than when they came.   
     The song was written by Buford Abner  of the legendary Swanee River Boys many years ago and its message is as true today as in an earlier time.
      It may be a different time today, but our churches still do their best, working hard to find innovative ways to invite and encourage their friends and neighbors to attend church functions.  Once we get them there the Lord will do His work.  Hopefully, we can see more and more identify with the anchor line in this song that says, “I went to an old campmeetin’ with the devil”, but I left there with the LORD!”

     If you would like to have a copy of this song, The Fair Haven Quartet of London, Kentucky  has a wonderful arrangement produced by Nick Bruno availabe for a FREE Download.. To receive it just send an email to the following jsw fhqpromopicaddress:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Subject line:  Free Download Campmeeting.  If you are a fan of four part harmony you will enjoy this song.