How To Grow Your Mailing List The Easy Way

     One of the many blessings we share in the Southern Gospel Community is the lasting friendships that are forged at concerts and conventions. So, keeping in touch with newfound friends and a loyal fan base is not only enjoyable but also vital to the success of any artist's musical career. However, it will require a commitment of your time for accurate record keeping and  newsletter development.  In order to maintain and sustain a growing fan base it is essential to have an active mailing list.  We use the word "active" because you want fans on your list that attend your concerts, purchase your products and tell others about your music ministry. To just gather contact information and email addresses for the sake of the numbers will be counter-productive
     Build your mailing list with individuals who sincerely enjoy your music and with whom you build relationships. When you are engaged in conversation with Southern Gospel Music fans at your concerts end your chat by asking for their contact information. You might say, "I've really enjoyed talking with you and would like to include you on our mailing list so we can keep in touch. If you don't mind, may I have your email and contact information?" Always have pen and paper handy to gather your data.
     For more on this subject, The Southern Gospel Music Site has developed a useful instructional guide for your benefit. The "How To Grow A Mailing List The Easy Way" explains in detail how to grow a fan base through lists and newsletters. It also includes a ready-to use template for harvesting fan contact information at your concerts. Follow this link to get your copy and start growing your fan base this week. How To Grow Your Mailing LIst The Easy Way.
     As your list grows you will want to stay in touch with your fans and with today's technology and Internet services, staying in touch has never been easier. Using a third party Internet service to manage your lists and send your newsletters is the most efficient and economical way of keeping your lists up to date and the fans informed.

One of the most popular mailing services is Constant Contact. They provide a wealth of marketing tools that include:
*Templates for any occasion
*Tutorials and Guides
*Newsletter Scheduling
*Activity Reports
*Tips and Training on Marketing Campaigns.
*Auto Subscribe link direct from your website!
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