Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Southern Gospel Music Site?
The Southern Gospel Music Site is providing a comprehensive online directory for everything associated with Southern Gospel Music.  There are literally thousands of talented artists and support services for this SGMsitelogo200wonderful form of American music but too often it is overlooked or hard to find. Our goal is for everyone to find anyone and anything related to Southern Gospel Music, all in one place!
How is The Southern Gospel Music Site unique?
Our easy to use software platform provides a fast and efficient way to showcase Southern Gospel Music artists, related services and products. Visitors to the site are offered links that are categorized by geographical region or interest.

*Fans and visitors will now be able to locate, learn and listen to their favourite artists and discover new emerging talent.

  • *Artists and those providing services for the Southern Gospel Industry can now quickly find each other in order to better promote and utilize their products and services.  *Informative articles and resources from industry insiders are made available to empower and enable both artist and fan alike.
  • *And most importantly those looking to schedule Southern Gospel Music Talent now have immediate access to complete Artist Information both home and away.

Why should I register with The Southern Gospel Music Site?
 You have a greater opportunity to get noticed by those who are searching for Southern Gospel Music, its artists and related products and services.  
I have my own website. How will I benefit from having a listing with The Southern Gospel Music Site?
     Having your own personal website is a much needed resource in today’s digital world. However, if your site is not search engine friendly you may be hard to find, if at all. The Southern Gospel Music Site on the other hand is a high quality comprehensive directory designed specifically for Southern Gospel Music and is optimized for better search engine results. 

     One of the most important functions of The Southern Gospel Music Site is the ability to offer visitors links that are categorized according to geographical region or interest. The Southern Gospel Music Site directory allows visitors to drill down to the artists or services they want which include geographical location or products offered. This allows you the opportunity to target those individuals who are more likely to be in need of your talent, product or services.
      In addition, The Southern Gospel Music Site directory is continually reviewed by editors to ensure that all listing information is of the highest quality and relevance.   This high standard of quality builds a loyal clientele for the web directory, which results in better quality traffic for your talent or business.  
I don't have a website.  Is The Southern Gospel Music Site the right solution for me?
     The Southern Gospel Music Site directory was designed with you in mind! You may not want to spend the time and money required to build and maintain a website. The Southern Gospel Music Site directory is conveniently structured for individual artists, groups and businesses that prefer an economical approach to their marketing and promotion.

     Your presence at The Southern Gospel Music Site allows you to provide all of the essential information needed to tell your story and attract new fans and customers.  You can change, update or add information anytime and at your convenience. And best of all it’s easy to use!
How do I register with The Southern Gospel Music Site?
Visit our homepage at and click on “create an account” and you will be guided step by step through registration and account set up. It’s FREE, Quick, and Easy to get started
Is there a cost associated with a listing at The Southern Gospel Music Site?
A Free Unlimited Listing with your contact information is standard.  We want everyone to benefit from this valuable Southern Gospel Music resource.  
We also offer premium plans with extra marketing and promotional benefits for just a few pennies a day.  These nominal maintenance fees enable us to keep the site going and growing.
What is the added value of The Southern Gospel Music Site premium listing plans compared to other types of marketing and advertising efforts?
     A listing package (less than .28¢ a day) with The Southern Gospel Music Site is a much more cost effective approach to reaching your target market.   You have the additional benefit of providing a wealth of valuable information and resources about your talent or business in the form of reviews, offers, special events, pictures, location mapping, hyperlinks,social networks, and videos.
     No other form of advertising can provide all of these comprehensive marketing tools together at one time or in one place.   With The Southern Gospel Music Site you can take your marketing and promotional efforts to a whole new level for a fraction of the cost compared to other forms of advertising.
Can I log in and change my information at any time?

Absolutely! The Southern Gospel Music Site is designed to make your marketing efforts work for you at all times. Wherever there is Internet access you have the ability to add, change or update your information anytime and from anywhere at your convenience.
Will my account at The Southern Gospel Music Site be easy to set up and manage?
     Yes. That’s the best part! When you create an account you will be guided to our Listing Page where you can select a listing plan that best suits your needs and marketing strategy. For our Basic, Gold and Professional listing packages we accept major credit cards and PayPal.
     After you have chosen your listing plan, the easy-to-understand software will guide you step-by-step through the process of filling in the required information for immediate posting to The Southern Gospel Music Site.
 Can anyone use the Free Classified Service and is it really FREE?
Yes and Yes. Artists, Industry Insiders and Fans are welcome to use the classifieds service.  Just follow the easy steps to create your own account and start listing, finding, buying or selling as many items as you like. (It’s a FREE service) You can also change or update your information at anytime and from anywhere you have Internet access.
If I need help with my account at The Southern Gospel Music Site what should I  do?
You can contact us anytime for advice or questions at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.