jsw mic character 2012 a5Welcome to FAN 2 FAN!  The Southerng Gospel Music Social Network full of fun and fellowship for like-minded people enjoying Southern Gospel Music.”

Learning anything for the first time can sometimes be a challenge but rewarding in the end.  We have taken the challenge out of the learning process and hopefully made this tutorial easy to understand and convenient to use.

Click on any link below and it will take you to the section that explains in detail how that feature in your user account is designed to work.  If you have a question or suggestion on how to improve this tutorial send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Subjest LIne: Fan2Fan Knowledgebase


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About Me Toolbar 

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 Create An Account 

 >Click to Sign Up
>Enter the required registration information. Click Next
>Some fields are marked with an asterisk * alongside it.  This means those fields are required.
>You are encouraged to upload an image or picture of yourself. You can skip this process and change later if you prefer.  (The maxium image upload is 8 MB)  200 x 200 pixels is a good size for  your image.
>After you choose your image or click on Skip, you will get a message stating that an activation link has been sent to your email account.  This serves as a verification of the account and also as an anti-spam filter.



Login  using your newly created ID and Password. In case you forget your ID or password you can reset them by following the Forgot links under the Member Login module. The system will email you the needed information. 

NOTE:  If you click on the LOGIN BUTTON before you insert your User ID or PW you will be rediredted to the sign up subscription page.  If you are a user always enter your ID and PW first before you click Login.


Profile Page - The First Page you will see  includes the Profile toobar as indicated below,  this will always be present to guide your way. 

Profile Tool Bar1
This page is divided into 5 sections along with icons for Home (above left) Notifications, Invites and Email (above right)


Profile -Choose from the Drop down list the following features.

This is a section that allows you to  Add or Change your:

Profile Image, Your Profile Video. Edit your Profile, Edit Your Details 

Privay Settings- Decide who is permitted to view your content.  PUBLIC, SITE MEMBERS, FRIENDS or ONLY ME

Preferences - These include General, Privacy, Emails and Notificatations, Blocked & Ignored User Lists

Customize My Page - Here you can Add Applications and Delete Your Profile. Applications are what is available for the user to provide content.  Your Profile Page and Activity Stream are the Primay Fixed Applications for the site.  Currently availabe to add if you choose is the Events Application.  As we continue to improve the user experience more applications will be made available.

Delete Profile  Under Customize My Page - This gives your the option to delete your profile.  If you do not like your provile and would like to either create a new one or just get out of the newtork, this gives you the opportunity to do that.  Provile deletions cannot be reversed. 



 Friends - Choose from the Drop down list the following features.

All My Friends - List of all your friends at FAN 2 FAN

Search- Search for Friends

Advanced Search - Narrow you search criteria with  keywords

Invite Friends- Invite others to join FAN 2 FAN, the system will send the email for you.  Just fill in the addess and a personal message

Request Sent- Invite a user on FAN 2 FAN to be your friend.  Get Connected!

Pending My Approval- List for approval of new friends 

How To Add A Friend -The Homepage of FAN 2 FAN shows your activity and then an "activity stream of other users. By Clicking on the users image(avatar) it opens up their profile page and you can send them a message or invite to be a friend. 



 Like most social networking systems, communication among users on our stie can only occur amont users who choose to connect or become friends.  This is a safety measure that helps us prefent unwanted messages.  Users can send private messages to each other within the system.  Our systems is designed to permit messaging only between friends




ACITIVY STREAM  The Activity by all users that is visible on the Hompage

Hide or Ignore User Activity Streams - Click the icon the icon to the right to select to reduce the activity post. To entirely remove click again to Ignore




Groups  - Choose from the Drop down list the following features. 

All Groups-Shows a list of all groups

My Groups- Shows list of groups you participate in

My Group Updates- Shows lastest updates by group members

Pending Invitations- Shows list of pending invitations to join groups

Search- Search Groups


Photos  - Choose from the Drop down list the following features.

View All Photos -View photos posted by others

My Photos - View Photos you have uploaded

Create Photo Album- Create an Album with your favorite photos

Upload Photos-Upload photos into you account



All Videos-View Photos posted by others

My Videos- View Videos you have posted

Search- Search for Videos


Cover Image  - Your Profile Page Cover image (that big picture at the top of your profile page) can be repositioned or changed by dragging cursor over cover image and following prompts > "Reposition Cover, Modify Cover

About Me Toolbar - positioned beneath the Cover Image, it allows visitors to view your profile and participation on the site.  The 5 "teardrop" icons is a visual that alerts visitors to your activity leval based on a point system.   Each activity you are involved scores a point within the system.  The more points the more teardrops earned.  This shows your level of involvement in the FAN 2 FAN network and is a great way to discover new friends and enjoy more of what the Southern Gospel Music Community has to offer.


About Me toolarStaus Bar  - Say what's on you mind, insert photos and videos.  Click the pen and insert your thoughts. The Photos and Videos can uploaded here.  Provide the links for your videos from online video services such as YouTube.  You can also choose who views the vidieos


 Status Say What is on you mind