jsw mic character 2012 a5How to Create Your Account

 Go to the home page and select create an account from the Login Menu
You will be asked to choose a unique User ID and Password.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

Follow the instructions to Login To Your Account
After you have successfully created your account if you are a
*  Fan -  you can use your ID and PW to manage and take advantage of our Free Classified Service., Join Fan2Fand enjoy the site! 

*  Artist or Business -
     A.  View the Packages link in the main menu and determine the listing package that will  best benefit your Marketing and Promotional needs..
     B.  Navigate  to the Control Panel  

 Everything is found here  to , add, edit, or change your contact information.  Announce your special Offers and Events. Upload Videos and use Google maps to show your location, Social Networks and more.

To get Started

Select > MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS LISTING (See Control Panel graphic  to locate Manage Your Listings)








 Next >   Select your desired Package from the Drop Down List



 Note:  All of the following requested information is designed with you in mind for better search engine results.  Be clear and concise in your descriptions 


Business Details

Enter all required information.  Fields with an Asterisk must be completed.  Choose your business type from the Drop Down List.

Business Details step2
Business Slogan 

This will appear on the front end of TheSGMsite.com in the  Business Details section


Business Short Description 

This short description will appear on search results listing

Business Description 

Describe your Business and what you have to offer. 

 Description Step 3


As an added bonus, if you have chosen a Gold or Professional Listing Package your Special Offers will be seen on the Special Offers Banner on The Southern Gospel Music Site Home Page!


  2. Enter KEYWORDS  that best describe who you are and what you do.  The words will be used to identify your business
  3. Keywords step4


Depending on your listing package, you will be entitled to have from 1-5 subcategories.
If you are an Artist and have chosen  a FREE Listing   > SELECT Artist By State.  This is your Main Category and choose your state for the subcategory.
If you have chosen any paid listing package  your will be allowed  to select more subcategories.

 Business Categories step5


Paid Listing packages provide for a logo or picture. It will be used as the main image on search results list and on your business listing details   Select a JPG/GIF or PNG file.

 Add Image


 Business Details
If you enter your complete address in the first text field, as shown in the example, it will automatically fill in the remaining Business Details Section. 

If you would prefer to have a P O Box Address instead of your physical location, follow these steps:

 In the  *STREET NUMBER  field enter the words P O Box

In the *ADDRESS field enter your Box Number only

Select Country

Enter your City

Enter your  ST

Provide Zip Code

 Business Details step6

 Business Listing Secondary Location
Please add your secondary locations for your business. They will appear on front-end on a dedicated section.

 Business Secdondary Location


Contact Information

Your listing page will include 3 contact elements.  Add your emails, Phone numbers and Fax to give your visitors a choice on how to reach you.

Business Contact Person7


Contact Person
You will definitely want to fill in the required information here.

Business Contact Person8
Business Gallery

Images added will be shown in your business photo gallery. Image sizes are usually 150 x 150 pixels for a small image (Thumbnail)  and no larger than 400 x 400 pixels for a large image.  You can add up to 5 images to promote your business.

 Business Pictures9


Videos added will be shown in your video gallery. You can share any video from any video service that allows embedded sharing.  An example of an embedded code is provided from YouTube.

 Busines Videos

Social Networking 

Enter your pages for the following Social Networks >  Facebook     Twitter   Google*

Social Networks11


Save your work and you are done!  You can upgrade or change any of your information at anytime. Just LOGIN from theSGMsite Homepage with your user ID and Password.


* Note:  When publishing your offers and events, calendar dates chosen are listed as Day – Month – Year. As an example, when you choose a calendar date of 12-03-2014, this is March 12, 2014. The day is listed first