NIckBrunoPicThere must be hundreds of songs about dreams… “Dream, Dream, Dream,” “The Impossible Dream,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Follow Your Dream,” “California Dreamin’,” on and on and on. Songs about following your dreams are usually positive and are intended to encourage the listener to continue on.

I consider myself to be blessed because I live my dream every day. I have spent my entire life in Southern Gospel Music and enjoy every minute of it. To me it is the greatest music I have ever heard…period.

I know your dream. You dream of traveling around the country in a shiny bus, being on stage at the NQC, having lots of adoring fans who love your music, having a successful ministry, and making lots of money.

You started out following your dream but somewhere along the way that dream turned into a nightmare because you are not doing any of those things the way you dreamed you would.

Instead of a shiny bus, you are traveling around in a beat up old motor home, or maybe a van or a pickup with a trailer. You are nowhere near the main stage at NQC and you hear about all the fans who love SGM, but none of them ever seem to attend your concerts.

You want to see souls saved and have a successful ministry but you just can’t get in front of enough people. The few places you do get booked give you a $30.00 love offering and act like you should kiss their feet for getting that.

Now, the bad news is not that you are caught in a nightmare, no, not at all. We’ve all been where you are, traveling around in a van, no dates, no money. No the really bad news is that you are caught in this nightmare and can’t find the way out.

Just like in a real nightmare, the kind we have when we’re asleep, there is only one way out. We’ve all had those really bad nightmares where a monster is chasing us, or we are heading over the falls, or we are tied up and just inches from the giant saw, or we are in an airplane heading straight for the ground. You all know exactly what I’m talking about and can add a few scary things of your own.

What happens right before the moment of truth, right in that split second as the monster is reaching for you, or you feel yourself going over the edge, or the plane is inches from smashing on the ground? What happens in that instant when all hope is gone and your heart is about to explode out of your chest? What happens? YOU WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

You sit up! Your heart is pounding! You are sweating! You are scared! But…you are awake!...and alive! WHEEEEEW!

Your present state is very much like the nightmares I’ve just described and the only way out is for you to WAKE UP!

You are in your present state because of the things you have done on your own and the things you have been told to do.

Actions have consequences and your actions have brought you to where you are. If you are not succeeding it is because you have not done the things that will bring success.

Einstein once said. “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

And that is precisely what many of you are doing. You are following the pied piper straight into the river. Make a CD, send a song to radio, and take out an ad. Make a CD, send a song to radio, and take out an ad. Make a CD, send a song to radio, and take out an ad.


If it was, you would all be driving a new bus and getting rich. This “old school” method has done nothing but make some “false prophets” lots of money…your money.

WAKE UP! Get out of that nightmare and start living your dream. There are definite things you can do. If you don’t know what they are I will show you. When you get it right you will explode out of your nightmare.

When you become a product that consumers want to hear, they will come by the droves to your concerts.


The greatest marketing tool in the world is WORD OF MOUTH. It is more powerful than any ad or promotion.

  1. Get your business house in order.
  2. Get your music right.
  3. Get your money.

If you don’t know how to do these things I will teach you. I’m only an email away.

As always, I welcome your comments.

God Bless You

Nick Bruno

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